It’s the people who make up the ministry of UCM – the students, and particularly the student leaders who encourage their peers during their years at the U of A, and who plan the work and ministry of the students; the Board of the United Campus Ministry who provide the financial support for the Campus Ministry, oversee the maintenance of the facility, and are the sustained leadership of the ministry; the staff who are responsible for the day to day operations of the ministry, and for serving as the conduit through which the vision of the Board and the goals of the students are joined; and of course the faculty and staff who also minister through the center, and are ministered to; the Presbyterian and Disciples of Christ congregations of northwest Arkansas and their members who give of their time and energy to serve God through the University of Arkansas community; and those associated with the Presbytery of Arkansas who also provide support and oversight for and of UCM.


10412035_10203876394702357_4965686061993059438_n Reverand Susan Rose




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