Lilly Intern Spotlight: Teila and United Campus Ministry

from Ministry Connections e-newsletter:

Teila has been wanting to get more involved at UCM and has a desire to live her life with a focus on giving to others.  This Spring semester has been a great opportunity for both Teila and UCM.  She has great ideas and her generous spirit has been evident in the work she has done.  Her main focus has been publishing the weekly student announcement newsletter and the creation of a Spirituality Center for Lent. We invite everyone, students and friends, to come experience the various stations for spiritual focus and devotion which Teila has set-up in the Sanctuary at UCM.

The spirituality center is open each week-day until about 9pm at night.

Teila will change out stations each week to provide new opportunities for those who come regularly.

Welcoming the Opportunity:

  • Teila was excited to become an intern for a couple of reasons. “I really wanted to be more involved with UCM and I knew that this was a great way to do that. I love being able to give back and put my ideas and energy into an organization that has helped me so much. I also was excited to try a new experience. I wanted to try something that was a little out of my comfort zone and see where it lead me. It has definitely opened my eyes to possibilities that I never would of thought about previously.”
  • As Teila reached out to be an intern, we were excited to have her get more involved and see her lend her generous spirit to UCM.  Adding a student perspective to the weekly announcements is really exciting for two reasons.  A student is a great person to write for other students.  She knows what they need to hear and how best to communicate it.  Also, having a new person work on these weekly, gives more time for engaging the community and exploring new fundraising opportunities.  The spirituality center will enrich Lent for many and it is so exciting to see that come to life in the Sanctuary.


  • Teila has really enjoyed learning more about herself. She notes: “I have discovered a lot about myself already in these first few months. I love being able to be creative with what I do. It’s nice that I can kind of change it up and add my touch to the announcements and the Spirituality Center.”
  • Seeing Teila use her gifts has been a gift to us.  She is very self motivated and her giving spirit adds so much to the ministry.  Seeing her take ownership of the ministry and lead us into new outreach opportunities has been wonderful.  We learn from her as she tries new things with the software we use for the weekly announcements.  Watching her choose the different stations for the spirituality center and plan how she will implement them has been a true highlight. Seeing Teila shine and give back to the ministry has been special to all of us.

Looking Forward:

  • Teila is most looking forward to being able to make an impact on someone else. She says:  “I try to live my life in the aspect of helping others. I care a lot about people and want them to be the best that they can be. If I could help someone find peace, comfort, or understanding through the Spirituality Center or anything else I might do, that would be amazing.”
  • What we are most looking forward to is seeing how Teila’s gifts continue to grow and how the new things she is learning about herself will impact her time in the internship and beyond.  Teila’s support of other students throughout her time in college will be a huge impact on the ministry.


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