UCM Connections ~ February 2017


Lilly Intern Spotlight: Luke and the United Campus Ministry Center

From the February, 2017, UCM Ministry Connections Newsletter:

Luke sought the Lilly internship with a focus on learning about the financial side of a non-profit organization, while making connections between his faith and a future career in finance.  As the ministry continues to grow and expand our visibility in the community, this is an exciting time to work with Luke to move the ministry forward.

Welcoming this Opportunity:

  • Luke welcomed this opportunity because he is really curious to see how his faith and future career in finance can connect. Luke sees working with UCM as a great opportunity to grow in his faith, connect with the UCM community, and have experience with a non-profit organization.  Luke shared these thoughts: “The banking and finance industry can be full of greed and selfishness. I hope that this internship will show me how I can be successful in Finance, but still hold onto the Christian values I have lived my entire life.”
  • Whereas the other interns created their own job descriptions, Luke’s internship is in response to some specific needs at UCM.  The UCM financials are very “old school” and Luke will help bring them in to the 21st century with things like online banking and direct deposit.


  • Luke’s work with UCM is just getting started and an early highlight for him is the leadership workshop for all of the interns. He shared that he learned how he can become a better leader not only at UCM, but through all of the organizations in which he is involved. Luke noted: “The workshop showed how leadership is a skill that needs to be refined. I was able to take a step back and evaluate my strengths and weaknesses. I learned a lot about myself and saw some things I can change to improve my college career and my work as a Lilly Intern.”
  • Susan shared that Luke is helping with tracking some of the metrics UCM needs to report to the Lilly Endowment annually, creating and updating reports.

Looking Forward:

  • Luke is excited to improve some of the financial programs of the ministry. Seeing the finances and working behind the scenes of a non-profit is really interesting to him. He is also really looking forward to building a relationship with Susan, Mary, and his mentor, Carol. Luke sees the opportunity to really help UCM and at the same time gain real world experience.
  • Susan loves working with Luke because he is an amazingly positive person to be around.  He’s curious and eager to learn.  He also works very quickly and efficiently. Susan can’t wait to see what we will be able to achieve this semester!


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