Lilly Intern Spotlight: Bax and United Campus Ministry

From UCM Ministry Connections April e-newsletter:

This month, we are highlighting our sixth Lilly Intern of 2017.  This has been a wonderful year of growth for each of our six interns and for UCM.  We are launching into a new phase of our ministry and we are so thrilled with how these internships, made possible by our receiving the Lilly Grant, have opened up so much to us.

Bax has jumped into his role feet first.  He has wonderful ideas and a commitment to what we can become in the coming years.  We are so excited to see him help lead us during the second half of his college years.

Welcoming the Opportunity:

  • Bax says he welcomed the opportunity originally because he wanted to be more involved with UCM and dive deeper into his faith.  The summer before his sophomore year, he spent quite a bit of time in Little Rock attending Mercy Community Church, which provided him with his first opportunity in a long while to study the Bible (aside from attending church most Sundays in his hometown of Morrilton).  He saw the Lilly Internship as a perfect opportunity to not just keep his “new-found” faith (he says he uses the term loosely), but to expand on it.
  • Bax is a thinker and as such has lots of ideas. We welcomed his pursuit of the internship opportunity because it is a great vehicle through which to explore various facets of ministry in a variety of contexts. Bax is currently a sophomore majoring in Political Science, Psychology, and Economics. He is interested in a number of areas of ministry from the policy aspects of social justice and helping ministries to creating community in and among college students and a lot of things in between. The flexible nature of the Lilly internship at UCM gives us the ability to engage Bax’s passions and ideas as they emerge and to work toward refining what is ultimately in the center of the “sweet spot” where his passions, skills and what the world needs intersect.


  • Bax notes that choosing one aspect of the internship to highlight is difficult.  The support system he has found in the people he has interacted with because of the Lilly internship is primary. Prior to this, Bax said he strongly disliked college.  He felt lost all of the time and struggled with things he never imagined would be difficult for him.  “The first semester of college is difficult for everybody; however, I felt as though I was the only person truly struggling. Though I have spent almost two years in Northwest Arkansas, it was not until UCM entered my life that things began to be easier and I found a purpose in what I was doing every day and why God put me on this earth.” Bax also notes that he has come to these realizations through the people he interacts with at UCM and the Presbytery. He would not trade it for anything.
  • Bax has gotten the opportunity to learn by doing in several different areas of ministry. He serves regularly with the youth group of First Presbyterian, Springdale, and was an apprentice leader in the initial Kairos Young Adult ministry. Bax has become a very engaged participant in Dinner and Discussion and has sought out weekly mentoring (which is well beyond the minimum requirements). Bax is consistently seeking to grow in all areas of his life and puts time and effort into self-discovery. He is also deeply concerned about the people in his sphere of influence and intentionally makes time to help them in any way he can.

Looking forward:

  • In looking forward, Bax notes that he is having difficulty looking forward to God’s next call in his life. He says: “It is very easy to get wrapped up in college life where it feels like things are moving at 100 miles per hour at all times and everyone else seems to have a little bit more control in their life, a more clear understanding of where they want to be, and what they want to do, or a better feel for how to live. He says: “One of the things I find most difficult is getting to a place where things are completely quiet and it feels like the world is still, however, despite the challenge of getting to those places, that is where I hear God’s calling in my life clearest.  This internship has brought me to those places more than ever before and I cannot wait for the next time this happens.”
  • Over the course of this semester Bax has developed deep connections through UCM and a passion has emerged for helping others to do the same. As we are planning for next semester, Bax is helping us to think about new ways to connect students to the supportive environment of UCM from helping freshmen get plugged into the ministry to engaging upper classmen in deeper discussion and community. We are looking forward to Bax continuing to develop his leadership through the implementation of his ideas in the fall.

Bike-a-Thon Pledge Sheet

It’s time for the United Campus Ministry

Sunday, April 23

Name___________________________________________  Miles _________________


Dear Potential Sponsor,

I am participating in the United Campus Ministry Bike-A-Thon. All proceeds will help fund the activities and outreach efforts for the students at UCM at the U of A. You can sponsor me for an amount per mile and can name a maximum amount that you are willing to contribute. After the bike-a-thon, I will return to tell you how many miles I biked and collect your contribution. Make checks payable to United Campus Ministry. All contributions are tax-deductible.

I plan to bike at least _________________ miles for United Campus Ministry.

Thank you!

Name of Sponsor

  Name of Sponsor  Sponsor Contact Info Pledge/ Mile: ($2.00) Max. Pledge Amount Collected from Sponsor Business Matching Amount

Please bring this form on bike-a-thon day, Sunday, April 23.
To reach our goal, we hope that each participant finds 20 sponsors.Participants:

Double Your Contribution

The following is a list of employers who we have been told will match employees’ contributions. Please ask everyone who sponsors if their company is a matching gift contributor.



IBM Wells Fargo Procter and Gamble

Morgan Stanley


Walmart (at the executive level)


Burlington Northern


Verizon ArcBest Clorox
Exxon Mobile    


  1. Start collecting pledges now. Reminder: Pledge sheets need to be brought on bike-a-thon day, Sunday, April 23.
  2. Pledges may be made by anyone. Please ask everyone who pledges if their company has a matching gift fund policy. Companies who do match pledge gifts are listed on the back of the pledge sheet.
  3. Each sponsor making a pledge should give their full name for our records, pledge per mile, and maximum pledge. You may collect the pledge in advance or collect them after.
  4. On bike-a-thon day, we will bike 20 miles on the Razorback Greenway. We will be shuttled up to the starting point and bike to UCM.  If you would like to bike less, we will shuttle to a closer location where you can help set-up the rest stop and then join the group for the remainder of the ride.
  5. Upon completion of the bike-a-thon, we will copy your pledge sheet and return it to you. Please return pledge sheets with the money to United Campus Ministry by Monday, May 1.  

For questions call Kristi Button 479-409-4804

UCM Ministry Connections- March 2017

Lilly Intern Spotlight: Teila and United Campus Ministry

from Ministry Connections e-newsletter:

Teila has been wanting to get more involved at UCM and has a desire to live her life with a focus on giving to others.  This Spring semester has been a great opportunity for both Teila and UCM.  She has great ideas and her generous spirit has been evident in the work she has done.  Her main focus has been publishing the weekly student announcement newsletter and the creation of a Spirituality Center for Lent. We invite everyone, students and friends, to come experience the various stations for spiritual focus and devotion which Teila has set-up in the Sanctuary at UCM.

The spirituality center is open each week-day until about 9pm at night.

Teila will change out stations each week to provide new opportunities for those who come regularly.

Welcoming the Opportunity:

  • Teila was excited to become an intern for a couple of reasons. “I really wanted to be more involved with UCM and I knew that this was a great way to do that. I love being able to give back and put my ideas and energy into an organization that has helped me so much. I also was excited to try a new experience. I wanted to try something that was a little out of my comfort zone and see where it lead me. It has definitely opened my eyes to possibilities that I never would of thought about previously.”
  • As Teila reached out to be an intern, we were excited to have her get more involved and see her lend her generous spirit to UCM.  Adding a student perspective to the weekly announcements is really exciting for two reasons.  A student is a great person to write for other students.  She knows what they need to hear and how best to communicate it.  Also, having a new person work on these weekly, gives more time for engaging the community and exploring new fundraising opportunities.  The spirituality center will enrich Lent for many and it is so exciting to see that come to life in the Sanctuary.


  • Teila has really enjoyed learning more about herself. She notes: “I have discovered a lot about myself already in these first few months. I love being able to be creative with what I do. It’s nice that I can kind of change it up and add my touch to the announcements and the Spirituality Center.”
  • Seeing Teila use her gifts has been a gift to us.  She is very self motivated and her giving spirit adds so much to the ministry.  Seeing her take ownership of the ministry and lead us into new outreach opportunities has been wonderful.  We learn from her as she tries new things with the software we use for the weekly announcements.  Watching her choose the different stations for the spirituality center and plan how she will implement them has been a true highlight. Seeing Teila shine and give back to the ministry has been special to all of us.

Looking Forward:

  • Teila is most looking forward to being able to make an impact on someone else. She says:  “I try to live my life in the aspect of helping others. I care a lot about people and want them to be the best that they can be. If I could help someone find peace, comfort, or understanding through the Spirituality Center or anything else I might do, that would be amazing.”
  • What we are most looking forward to is seeing how Teila’s gifts continue to grow and how the new things she is learning about herself will impact her time in the internship and beyond.  Teila’s support of other students throughout her time in college will be a huge impact on the ministry.


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UCM Connections ~ February 2017

Lilly Intern Spotlight: Luke and the United Campus Ministry Center

From the February, 2017, UCM Ministry Connections Newsletter:

Luke sought the Lilly internship with a focus on learning about the financial side of a non-profit organization, while making connections between his faith and a future career in finance.  As the ministry continues to grow and expand our visibility in the community, this is an exciting time to work with Luke to move the ministry forward.

Welcoming this Opportunity:

  • Luke welcomed this opportunity because he is really curious to see how his faith and future career in finance can connect. Luke sees working with UCM as a great opportunity to grow in his faith, connect with the UCM community, and have experience with a non-profit organization.  Luke shared these thoughts: “The banking and finance industry can be full of greed and selfishness. I hope that this internship will show me how I can be successful in Finance, but still hold onto the Christian values I have lived my entire life.”
  • Whereas the other interns created their own job descriptions, Luke’s internship is in response to some specific needs at UCM.  The UCM financials are very “old school” and Luke will help bring them in to the 21st century with things like online banking and direct deposit.


  • Luke’s work with UCM is just getting started and an early highlight for him is the leadership workshop for all of the interns. He shared that he learned how he can become a better leader not only at UCM, but through all of the organizations in which he is involved. Luke noted: “The workshop showed how leadership is a skill that needs to be refined. I was able to take a step back and evaluate my strengths and weaknesses. I learned a lot about myself and saw some things I can change to improve my college career and my work as a Lilly Intern.”
  • Susan shared that Luke is helping with tracking some of the metrics UCM needs to report to the Lilly Endowment annually, creating and updating reports.

Looking Forward:

  • Luke is excited to improve some of the financial programs of the ministry. Seeing the finances and working behind the scenes of a non-profit is really interesting to him. He is also really looking forward to building a relationship with Susan, Mary, and his mentor, Carol. Luke sees the opportunity to really help UCM and at the same time gain real world experience.
  • Susan loves working with Luke because he is an amazingly positive person to be around.  He’s curious and eager to learn.  He also works very quickly and efficiently. Susan can’t wait to see what we will be able to achieve this semester!


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United Campus Ministry Connections- January 2017

UCM Connections – November 2016

Lilly Intern Spotlight: Hartley, Elkins Federated Church & The Presbytery of Arkansas

From the UCM November Newsletter:

We are highlighting the third of our three fall Lilly interns.  Hartley Allen is a “child of the Presbytery of Arkansas” and wanted to make sure she stayed involved as she transitioned from High School to the U of A.  Hartley’s internship is a combination of a connection with the youth and young adult ministries of the Presbytery of Arkansas and a local congregation connection with Elkins Federated Church.  Susan Rose is the moderator of the session for Elkins Federated Church and both Susan and Mary Shaw preach there once each month. Involvement with Elkins Federated has given Hartley opportunities for new leadership in a small, tight-knit congregation. The Presbytery events have given her the opportunity to step out as a young adult leader and a spokesperson for her peers.

Welcoming this Opportunity:

  • Hartley knew when she got to the U of A that she wanted to continue her involvement in the Presbytery of Arkansas and knew that a good way to do that would be to plug into UCM and Lilly.
  • Susan has watched Hartley grow up, since they attend the same church. Susan knew Hartley participated in the life of FPC Springdale, but also served on Youth Advisory Team and was active at Presbytery youth events.  When she was considering attending the U of A, Susan knew the Leadership Initiative would be a great place for Hartley to plug-in with her faith and leadership skills.


  • Hartley enjoyed the opportunity to attend and speak at the October Presbytery meeting in Harrison, Arkansas, where she gave the Presbyterian Youth Triennium report. She was on the planning team and Leader Corps for Junior High Youthquake in September, which she notes: “was amazing.”  She has been placed in the Elkins Community Church, where she is leading different aspects of the worship service. Hartley said: “Being at Elkins, which is a smaller church, has been a new and fantastic experience so far.”
  • Susan shared that there are five children who attend at Elkins regularly, three of whom are girls.  They immediately attached themselves to Hartley!  She is modeling faith to a younger generation in so many different ways.  Most of all, she is “there” for them.  Susan finds it “heartwarming to see their excitement every month when Hartley is in worship.” Susan has also enjoyed serving communion with Hartley.  She is an ordained elder in the PC(USA) and helps distribute the elements during communion.  Because the church is small, Hartley takes one side of the church and Susan takes the other.  Susan finds that it is more intimate because they are able to interact with the members of the church instead of just passing a tray down an aisle. Coming from a larger church, “It is a very different experience than what she is used to!”

Looking Forward:

  • Hartley is looking forward to Senior High Youthquake in the spring and getting to know the Elkins congregation even more.
  • Susan notes that Hartley has been so open about serving Elkins in whatever capacity is needed. “The Elkins congregation has embraced her fully in everything she has tried and personally, I hope Hartley will try preaching sometime in the spring!”


Hartley speaking at the 133rd meeting of the Presbytery of Arkansas

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