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Lilly Intern Spotlight: Austin and The United Campus Ministry

Welcoming the Opportunity:

Austin is someone you could call a fixture of UCM. It is not really hyperbole to say that if the building is open, you will find Austin at a table downstairs.  Austin is a student who has truly found a home at UCM. Austin’s family lives in Fayetteville, so UCM is his on-campus hub for his time between classes.  We were excited to hear that Austin wanted to step into a leadership role in the ministry.  Austin has been active in our programs throughout his time at the U of A and connecting through the Lilly internship seemed like a good opportunity for us both before he graduates in May.

“I have participated in UCM activities and enjoyed its benefits for the last four years and I thought it was high time for me to give back in any way I could.  A surprising benefit is also being able to make a concrete change in an institution I love, in my case with the endowment funds.” -Austin


Austin has taken on the task of researching the various investment funds offered through the Texas Presbyterian Foundation and it has been great to see him use what he is learning in his course-work at the U of A to help UCM make the best plans for investing the money we have.  He is also reading A Spirituality of Fundraising by Henri Nouwen and participates in the monthly intern training and regular mentoring.  In addition to his Leadership Initiative internship and being a full time student, Austin serves in the Arkansas National Guard.

“Austin is getting to see a different side of UCM through his internship.  He has a servant’s heart, helping wherever he can in whatever manner he can.  Even though he is involved with the financial side of the ministry now, he still carries in cases of soda when I come back from Sam’s or takes out the trash when it’s full!”- Susan Rose, Campus Minister

“I really like digging into the details of the UCM- how it works, how it is funded, and where we can channel its resources to help it grow even more.” – Austin

Looking Forward:

We are looking forward to seeing the ways that the leadership training and investment goal setting creates a bridge for Austin to his next steps after graduation.

“I am looking forward to seeing the effects of my project down the road, but that will not be for a while.  I hope that it flourishes and provides a good base for the UCM to operate for many years to come.  The training has helped me by giving me inspiration on possible avenues of approach to reach our goal, some I would not have considered otherwise.” -Austin

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Lilly Intern Spotlight – Zane and United Campus Ministry

Welcoming the Opportunity:

Late last fall, Zane asked us about pursuing an internship focused on accounting/administration for UCM. He expressed a desire to learn more about how his talents might serve the ministry, how he could become more involved, and give back. It was clear from that conversation that Zane really wanted to invest in UCM.  ~Carol Essen

“I welcomed the opportunity to be a Lilly intern because it is a great opportunity to gain valuable experience and to become more involved in the campus ministry.”


Zane is learning the basics of the accounting system – which he has picked up very quickly. He has also gotten to attend the first training of the year to meet and interact with the other interns. Behind the scenes work isn’t often glamorous, but Zane is faithful and works hard to keep things running smoothly. And for that we are very thankful.

“I am enjoying learning intuit QuickBooks with Carol Essen and getting to know everyone involved with UCM. I have learned that I enjoy accounting more so than I originally expected.”

Looking forward:

We, at UCM, are looking forward to Zane’s continued and increasing involvement in the ministry and his behind the scenes impact on the administrative side. We expect that he will contribute greatly to the availability of reports and other tools critical for administrative decision making. We also look forward to Zane’s interactions with the other interns during training and team building events. Zane is a servant-leader and really loves people. He is well liked by his peers and has a very steady and reliable demeanor. It is a lot of fun to work with him.

“I am looking forward to becoming fluent in the programs used for accounting at UCM. I also look forward to spending more time with the other Lilly interns.”

Lilly Intern Spotlight: Katie and United Campus Ministry

Welcoming the Opportunity:

Katie became a Lilly intern because she wanted to challenge herself with a leadership position and grow more as a leader under God.

“I think it is important to connect your faith with leadership because it is vital to have a good relationship with God to be successful in life. I wouldn’t be here with out all of the help that I have gotten from the Lord. The connection with faith in my leadership skills adds more confidence and clarity. It gives what I am doing a purpose and guidance.”


Katie has really enjoyed the Lilly intern leadership training workshops because she has learned how to be a leader, not only for the UCM but for herself and other aspects of her life. She has learned about herself as a leader which she finds particularly interesting to analyze because it is not something people typically do.  She has also enjoyed getting to know the other interns better.

“I have learned little things on how to, not only, become a better leader but a better Katie. I have learned how to implement leadership characteristics in my everyday life and it has helped me grow and understand better who I am.”

Looking Forward:

As she looks forward, Katie is excited about being more confident as a leader and also learning how to work with a group of people better, while developing her skills as a team player. She also looks forward to growing closer with God. Katie can already feel that impacting her life.

“I think I analyze situations and people more now than I did before, by finding out how to communicate with them and how to handle the situation. I have learned that to know more about other people you have to truly know yourself and then your mind opens to learn about others. I have become more confident and connected with God through this leadership experience and will continue to thrive and grow as a better person.”

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