Bike-a-Thon Pledge Sheet

It’s time for the United Campus Ministry

Sunday, April 23

Name___________________________________________  Miles _________________


Dear Potential Sponsor,

I am participating in the United Campus Ministry Bike-A-Thon. All proceeds will help fund the activities and outreach efforts for the students at UCM at the U of A. You can sponsor me for an amount per mile and can name a maximum amount that you are willing to contribute. After the bike-a-thon, I will return to tell you how many miles I biked and collect your contribution. Make checks payable to United Campus Ministry. All contributions are tax-deductible.

I plan to bike at least _________________ miles for United Campus Ministry.

Thank you!

Name of Sponsor

  Name of Sponsor  Sponsor Contact Info Pledge/ Mile: ($2.00) Max. Pledge Amount Collected from Sponsor Business Matching Amount

Please bring this form on bike-a-thon day, Sunday, April 23.
To reach our goal, we hope that each participant finds 20 sponsors.Participants:

Double Your Contribution

The following is a list of employers who we have been told will match employees’ contributions. Please ask everyone who sponsors if their company is a matching gift contributor.



IBM Wells Fargo Procter and Gamble

Morgan Stanley


Walmart (at the executive level)


Burlington Northern


Verizon ArcBest Clorox
Exxon Mobile    


  1. Start collecting pledges now. Reminder: Pledge sheets need to be brought on bike-a-thon day, Sunday, April 23.
  2. Pledges may be made by anyone. Please ask everyone who pledges if their company has a matching gift fund policy. Companies who do match pledge gifts are listed on the back of the pledge sheet.
  3. Each sponsor making a pledge should give their full name for our records, pledge per mile, and maximum pledge. You may collect the pledge in advance or collect them after.
  4. On bike-a-thon day, we will bike 20 miles on the Razorback Greenway. We will be shuttled up to the starting point and bike to UCM.  If you would like to bike less, we will shuttle to a closer location where you can help set-up the rest stop and then join the group for the remainder of the ride.
  5. Upon completion of the bike-a-thon, we will copy your pledge sheet and return it to you. Please return pledge sheets with the money to United Campus Ministry by Monday, May 1.  

For questions call Kristi Button 479-409-4804

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