Lilly – Leadership Initiative Project

2016 Lilly Interns


In October, 2015, UCM was awarded a grant from the Lilly Endowment as part of their Campus Ministry Theological Exploration of Vocation (CMTEV) Initiative for a project entitled “Leadership Initiative.”

Leadership Initiative allows UCM to hire up to 5 student interns a year to explore their interests within the church or local ministries. CMTEV grants were awarded to 104 campus ministry programs over two years at 67 different public universities in 35 states and Washington, D.C. The grants encompass 11 different Christian traditions, Christian Study Centers, ecumenical, national and non-denominational programs. UCM was the only campus ministry awarded a CMTEV grant in the state of Arkansas!

Susan Rose and Mary Shaw attended the CMTEV Initiative conference in early October of this year. The Lilly Endowment and the Forum for Theological Education brought together the 53 grantees awarded in 2015. It was a fast-paced environment of learning and networking. The conference emphasized the two primary aims of the CMTEV Initiative:

  • Assist undergraduate students to utilize the theological lens of vocation to examine the
    relationship between their faith and their life and career choices
  • Encourage undergraduate students with inclinations for Christian leadership to explore potential calls to full-time Christian ministry.

Equipped with and engaged by this knowledge, Susan and Mary returned to share this information with the current Lilly Interns, as well as are allowing it to shape the way UCM implements the grant in the future.  We are excited to leverage the Lilly grant money into a bright future for UCM!  We invite you to share in this excitement with us!

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