Thoughts from a scholar:

No, this isn’t a cute headline. It’s the truth. I got home last night thinking that I left the student devotionals at work. But they’re not, and I won’t be home to look for them until later this afternoon. So, today you are getting a reflection from the New Interpreter’s Bible, volume 8, p. 537. The scripture is Mark 1:9-15, Jesus’ baptism, 40 days in the desert and the beginning of his public ministry. (I know, it’s a lot. Mark doesn’t waste time!)

“To prepare for the Lord’s coming, people must make a radical return to God. They must entrust themselves to God’s Word and not go looking for their own insurance policy. Excessive anxiety about success and security often leads to compromise with our religious values and personal well being.  We allow activities associated with work or school to eat away at time for family, for worship, and for service to others in the community. The good news is that we can still experience the rule of God in our lives. It will not be a smooth road to fulfilling all our dreams, however; Jesus begins to preach in Galilee after the king has imprisoned John the Baptist. Turning to the Lord means turning away from all the other voices calling us to walk some other path.”

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