Got ashes?

Today is Ash Wednesday, the start of the Lenten season. Traditionally, we hear these words from Genesis 3:19 when we receive the imposition of ashes on our forehead: For you are dust, and to dust you shall return.. Earlier this week, though, a friend posted these words in regards to Ash Wednesday:

We are dust. We are beloved, broken, named & claimed, getting-through-this-world-together-dust.*

Today we start our journey to the cross, with Christ, but with one another, too. Do not let the brokenness overcome the belovedness- not with yourself and not with the world. The hard part has already been done for us. Now we just need to remember, and keep remembering through this season that the love and grace are already ours. Nothing we do or don’t do; nothing we take up or give up for the next 40 days will change that. We are named & claimed on this journey to the cross, to the tomb, to Easter morning. Let us journey together.

Got ashes?


*SLeer, here is your Arkansas footnote!

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